Can Music and Songs help Learning and Development?
Whatever age we are, music can make us feel good.
Babies ears are the first organ to develop fully before birth and so they can react and take comfort from music and voices very early on.
There is much research to support that music sessions at the pre-school age are a good way of developing a child's concentration, self expression, hand-eye co-ordination, memory, language and social skills.
Lullabies, rhymes and action songs are all loved by babies and small children. They love to hear the same songs over and over again and within a few weeks of coming along to Mimi's Melodies they will start to join in and begin to respond to the familiar structure even if it is only to point at one of the puppets at first.
At Mimi's Melodies we try to include songs that will help your child identify parts of their body, animals, people, types of transport, the weather, colours, and many more. Lots of counting songs are also included. Each session we aim to include at least one song in Welsh and also add some signs from Baby Sign Language to help even the smallest of Mimi's friends start to join in with our songs.

What instruments can we play at Mimi's Melodies?
Mimi uses hand drums, triangles, tambourines, guiros, egg shakers, castanets, maracas, mini cabasas, mini rainmakers, single woodblocks, two tone woodblocks, and lots of different sizes of bells. We also have a large rainmaker, thunder drum and a junior and large size ocean drum. Come along and play them.

What if my child won't sit still?
All children are different. Some may come in and sit down their first time at Mimi's Melodies others will take a little longer. If they seem to want to run around that's fine,
let them.
After a few sessions children who have found it difficult to sit with the group soon start to settle as they want to see what's going on and join in.
If they want to play the same instrument for each part of the song, that's fine, let them explore and investigate the sound they like at that time.
As they become familiar with what's happening, their
concentration will start to develop. Give it a try.
We'd love to meet you.