Who is Mimi?
Mimi is the purple dragon you can see keeping a close watch on us at the top of the page. He loves to sing and play music and is really looking forward to meeting you.

How did Mimi's Melodies start?
Mimi's Melodies came about after I had my son, who is now at school. I was looking for something to take him to that was a little bit more than just watching him running around and playing; something we could do together.  I found a Music group that we attended for nearly 2 years and although we both loved it, we had to travel quite some distance to get there and it was quite expensive.
I have always loved Music and during my 11 years teaching in a Primary School, Music was always my favourite lesson to teach. I decided to put my teaching and Music experience to good use and Mimi's Melodies was born.

What happens at Mimi's Melodies?
Each session is carefully structured to include
Singing Time
Moving Time
Playing Time and
Quiet Listening Time.
All the little ones, and the big ones they bring with them, are encouraged to join in as much as they can. It doesn't matter if its a wiggle at Moving Time, a bash of the Hand Drum at Playing Time or a hug for Mimi when its time to say goodbye.
We use 6 months old as a guide to start but have had babies come as Newborns with older children, so if you think a younger child would enjoy it you are more than welcome to bring them along. Come and give it a try.

How long is each session?
Each session lasts for around 40 - 45 minutes and is led by a fully qualified Primary Teacher.

Why aren't the sessions longer?
Very young children have a very short attention span and experience shows that any longer than this and children are ready to move on. Mimi's Melodies is different to a Playgroup - it is a structured session with lots going on, with loads of different types of instruments to hold, shake, scrape and bang.